Friday, August 21, 2015

"Pride & Prejudice" ~ Picnic Theatre

A few weeks ago, I was notified of an upcoming production of Jane Austen's "Pride & Prejudice" (click the link for a free audio recording), not too far from where we live.  Amy is a HUGE fan of Jane Austen's books, and so, she almost fainted when I told her this news!!! 

It was quite impossible for either my husband or I to take her, and so, we sweet-talked Nanny and Grandad into it!  They were so kind to take her.  The production itself was held outdoors with a quiet, evening picnic theme.  And even though we were assured that there was a "plan B" in place, should it happen to rain, we were praying that it wouldn't...and thankfully, it didn't!

Amy had an AWESOME time and messaged some of these pictures to me, inbetween moments of "fan-girl" glee!!!  She was extra stoked, when one of the cast admired her parasol, and used it as a prop for the next picture. :)

Thursday, August 20, 2015

One Sunny Evening...

This Little Lady Can Run...FAST!

Dylan, Whittling Sticks

Meg, Being...


Our Trusty (And A Little Rusty!) Tractor

These Flowers Growing Out Of The Wall
Near The "Magic Door" Are So Pretty

Megan LOVES Gardening

Kale, Turnips, Sunflowers, Swiss Chard, A Few Tomatoes,
A Few Rows Of New Seedlings (Beetroot, Basil and Radishes)
And Some Lettuce

More Tomatoes, Marigolds, Dwarf Summer Squash, Courgettes,
And *Tiny* Leeks, Purple-Sprouting Broccolli and Cabbages

Swiss Chard

Dandelion Seed

I Am A *Beginner-Beginner* When It Comes To Gardening,
But I REALLY Enjoy It!

Abigail Looks SO BIG In This Picture!

Strawberry "Babies"

We Are So Blessed To Live Here!

"Please Stop Taking Pictures And Feed Me!"

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Visiting In Athlone

On our last day in Athlone, we met up with the lovely "C" family!  This was the first time we met in person, since becoming aquainted on Facebook, some months before.  They too, love to listen to Faithful Word Baptist preaching!  They made a HUGE effort to travel to Athlone to meet with us, especially considering that they were travelling with a six week old baby! 

We had an AWESOME day, filled with good preaching, lots of talking, laughing, singing and shared meals together!  Thanks "C" family, we can't wait to meet with you again in the future! :)

The Little Girls Doting On The Dog

Meg's Faces In The Pictures Crack Me Up!
She Had Just Caught An Insect And Her Attention Was "Divided"!

"Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth
the countenance of his friend."
~ Proverbs 27:17

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Picnic At The Lake

One warm day, in Athlone, we decided to take a walk before lunch, and have a picnic around the lake.  From the pictures, it looks overcast and breezy, but it was actually quite warm and so was perfect weather to take a stroll and enjoy the sights.

This Dog Decided He Liked Hanging Out With Us!

This was actually one of my favourite times in Athlone.  It was so beautiful to sit by the lake, watching the children play, enjoying a time of rest together and smelling the fresh water.

Three Years Makes For Quite A Height Difference
Between "Captain Chaos" And Our "Big White Birdy"


A Tiny Frog

Amy, Taking In The View

Love This Girl!

We All Thought This Stone Was Neat!
It Was Sliced Through In Three Parts

Abigail LOVED Throwing Stones!

Once we had returned from our walk/picnic, I settled Abigail down for her nap, while the rest headed out on the boat!  Though, because the wind was so high at that point, my husband decided not to go out on the open lake, but just row around the marina; better safe than sorry!  The kids didn't seem to mind though and said they still had fun.

In the evening, we headed into the city centre for the first evening of the conference.  Sadly, I didn't think to take the camera along to the conference, and now very much regret having no pictures to enjoy and share. :(  We did have a nice time though, and enjoyed the speakers and meeting new friends.