Thursday, August 20, 2015

One Sunny Evening...

This Little Lady Can Run...FAST!

Dylan, Whittling Sticks

Meg, Being...


Our Trusty (And A Little Rusty!) Tractor

These Flowers Growing Out Of The Wall
Near The "Magic Door" Are So Pretty

Megan LOVES Gardening

Kale, Turnips, Sunflowers, Swiss Chard, A Few Tomatoes,
A Few Rows Of New Seedlings (Beetroot, Basil and Radishes)
And Some Lettuce

More Tomatoes, Marigolds, Dwarf Summer Squash, Courgettes,
And *Tiny* Leeks, Purple-Sprouting Broccolli and Cabbages

Swiss Chard

Dandelion Seed

I Am A *Beginner-Beginner* When It Comes To Gardening,
But I REALLY Enjoy It!

Abigail Looks SO BIG In This Picture!

Strawberry "Babies"

We Are So Blessed To Live Here!

"Please Stop Taking Pictures And Feed Me!"

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