Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Day Trip ~ Straffan Butterfly Farm

A few weeks ago, we visited Straffan Butterfly Farm.  We had a lovely time and learnt a lot about different types of butterflies, as well as other creepy crawlies.

The day started wet and dreary (though it was lovely later on), which had prompted us to make the best of the weather and head out to the indoor butterfly farm in the first place.  Plus, we had word that they were closing down in September, so we had to get our skates on and visit before then, considering that we were in the last two weeks of August!  And so we were off... 

Pretty Waterlilies

We Brought Our Butterfly Spotting Guide Along

This Little Guy Was ADORABLE!

God's Creation Is Amazing!

Abigail *Loved* The Gecko
...I Wish We Could Have One As A Pet,
But I Guess That We Probably Have Enough Pets!

Imagine Ones Of These Flying Into Your Hair - Yikes!


These Metallic-Looking Beetles Were So Beautiful!

Stopping For A Quick Pose!
Next, We Were Off To Watch An Educational Video
And Then Into The Hot-House To See The Tropical Butterflies...


Ha - I Have Absolutely No Idea How I Ended Up
Carrying This Big Girl Around!

The hot-house was filled with fluttering butterflies and we all liked to watch and fell them flitting past our heads!  Abigail was AMAZED with them!  The heat and humidity in the hot-house was *immense*, considering the typical temperatures we are used to in Ireland.  While I do love heat, I do NOT appreciate humidity, and I was glad to get out into the fresh air outside.  Poor Abigail only managed about five minutes, before my husband had to take her outside.  All her hair was sopping wet, due to the damp air and her perspiration.  At first Amy couldn't get any pictures, but a fan came on every 5-10 minutes and she managed to get some pictures before she fogged back up again! 

Despite The Sign, We Saw A Lot Of People
Touching The Butterflies?!??

This Guy's Wings Looked So Much Like Black Velvet,
It was A Shame He Was So Tattered.
Perhaps He Was Just Old, Or Had Been Touched Too Many Times.

I See You!

These Chrysalis Were Amazing! 
Some Looked Metallic And Were Very Pretty.
We Could Actually See Them Moving Ever So Slightly!

After our time in the hot-house, we all went for a walk around the gardens.  They were small, but pretty and we were glad for the fresh air and scents from the flowers.  The owners had planted many flowers that are attractive to butterflies and people too.   

Daddy And His Littlest Girls ♥

Whilst Amy And I Were Shopping For Souvenirs,
One Of The Owners Introduced Us To This "Lady"

We had an awesome day at Straffan Butterfly Farm, and are glad that we got to visit before they closed.  Our drive home was very pleasant, until one of the  kids lost their lunch all over the back seats, just ten minutes from home!  Hahaha!  A small part of life with a car full of kiddos...but we wouldn't have it any other way!

"Therefore if any man be in Christ,
he is a new creature: old things are passed
away; behold, all things are
become new." ~ 2 Corinthians 5:17


Nikki said...

Wow!! That place looks amazing! :) That huge thing wrapped around the arm about gave me a heart attack.
Abigail's little green sweater looks beautiful. Did you make it? The weather here had been very hot and humid and I am so glad that the cooler temps are arriving.I don't like things that humid either.

Sarah in Ireland said...

Nikki, I am so sorry! I was browsing through old pictures when I spotted this comment and realised that you has asked me a question. To answer: no, I didn't make it. It was one of my favourites for Abigail to wear though. :)