Thursday, September 10, 2015

Visiting And Other Rambles

Amy Visiting With The "I" Girls,
Who Wowed Us All With Their Musical Talent

Waaaaah, where has the summer gone?!??  Already it is beginning to feel like Autumn and I haven't gotten around to blogging even a fraction of our exciting summer adventures.  Where to even start?

As we entered the beginning of our summer holidays from school, our family experienced a few unexpected changes.  While they did throw us for a loop for a short time, we can now clearly see that the Lord truly does work all things together for good!  His timing is so perfect, that sometimes we laugh out loud!

"To every thing there is a season, and a
time to every purpose under the heaven"
~Ecclesiates 3:1

Meg Was Thrilled To Have Lots of Girls To Play With

Packing Up To Go Home At 10pm!

"The "I" Family

One major source of fun for the kiddos, over the holidays, was the discovery that my mother's cat was pregnant, and her four subsequent kittens!  Oh, how those kitties were doted upon!  We had a ball, sitting on the grass, watching them play and scamper about.  Everyone had fun trying to come up with names for them all, but in the end: Mixy, Dipstick (white kitty with a black tail!), Bagpuss and Maggie, were settled upon.  We are *not* "cat people", but those guys were actually pretty cute.  So far, only "Dipstick" has gone to a new home.  So if you are wanting a cute kitty and live locally, y'know who to call! ;)

One of the changes that happened, is that we once again, found ourselves looking for a church home.  It was then, that the Lord stepped in, and opened up an opportunity for us within hours!  Because of this, we have been very blessed to have met many new friends and have enjoyed many days/evenings of sweet fellowship, getting to know like-minded families.  I now wish I had taken care to get more pictures to share!

One of the new families had us over for dinner, and after we had eaten and chatted for a while, they introduced us to "Dutch Blitz".  It is such a FUN and FAST-paced game!  We played again, and again, and again, and again, and.......AGAIN! 

A Group Shot, Missing Me, The Photographer

As well as the first "Irish Christian Home Educators Conference", that we attended in July, we were recently invited to a three-day Chrstian Family Conference, in a local coastal town.  We had a fun time and again met many like-minded families; like the "I" family in the above pictures.  We were all encouraged in our Christian walk and in the raising of our family, and once again met lots of new people.

Last week, we went back to school.  I am so glad to get back to a more settled routine!  This year, I officially have *three* students, which is very exciting.  Meg is certainly a very eager student, and she is as sharp as a tack too! She has had quite a few reading lessons thus far, and is making good progress with her sounds, as well as with her Math work.  

Over the past few months, we/I have also been:

Deep-cleaning the house,
Re-decorating the bedrooms ( though I am not finished)
Harvesting some fruits and veggies,
Working in the garden,
Visiting friends,
Chopping and stacking firewood,
Crocheting items ready for sale through my FB shop,
Hosting friends,
Organising the school books and supplies,
Reading LOTS of new books,
Playing outside together, and........generally just having FUN!

So, as I try and bring my summer posts to a close (with one more day-trip post to share), I'll leave you with this one picture that describes us all after such a busy, but very *BLESSED* summer:

How Was Your Summer?


Ruth Millett said...

Wow... they have Dutch Blitz in Ireland... awesome! My favorite game too in Northern NH, USA.

Glad you were able to find a good body of believers. Most necessary!

God Bless!

Nikki said...

We have always loved Dutch Blitz too! :) Such a fun fast paced game.