Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Forgotten Summer Pictures

Our Broken Down Ride-On Mower (Complete With Weeds!),
Provided This Fun Place To Take Pictures.
Thankfully, My Husband Has Now Moved It!

As I was looking through our photographs of the summer, I spotted a couple that I had wanted to share and forgot all about.  I had fun looking at them and reliving the fun memories - I hope you like them too! :)

Cute Cow-Girl

In The Summer, My Husband And I Often Have
Coffee Dates Outside When The Children Are In Bed.
What A Beautiful Sunset! 

Having Our Evening Meal Outside,
In The Company Of The Cows


Amy's Puppy "Penny" Loved To Sleep On The Shoes!

Early Morning Play

Hahaha - Meg Was Mid-Sneeze!!!

Meg Often Hung Out The Laundry With Me In The Morning,
Both Of Us With Babies On Our Backs