Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Forgotten Summer Pictures

Our Broken Down Ride-On Mower (Complete With Weeds!),
Provided This Fun Place To Take Pictures.
Thankfully, My Husband Has Now Moved It!

As I was looking through our photographs of the summer, I spotted a couple that I had wanted to share and forgot all about.  I had fun looking at them and reliving the fun memories - I hope you like them too! :)

Cute Cow-Girl

In The Summer, My Husband And I Often Have
Coffee Dates Outside When The Children Are In Bed.
What A Beautiful Sunset! 

Having Our Evening Meal Outside,
In The Company Of The Cows


Amy's Puppy "Penny" Loved To Sleep On The Shoes!

Early Morning Play

Hahaha - Meg Was Mid-Sneeze!!!

Meg Often Hung Out The Laundry With Me In The Morning,
Both Of Us With Babies On Our Backs


Susan-Anne White said...

Good Evening from Northern Ireland. My name is Susan-Anne White and I'm married with a 17 year old daughter. We are Evangelical Christians. I found your blog through Mrs.Anderson's blog. We live in County Tyrone and my husband is a farmer.We use the KJV of the Bible but we are not extreme KJV-only advocates as we refer to other translations from time to time. I e-mailed Mrs.Anderson today because I have some concerns about FWBC. We are not members of any church in our area because there is so much worldliness and compromise in them and few practice separation from the world. We honour the Lord's Day at home. We listen to two sermons and spend the day quietly.I stood in the recent Westminster election. I was an Independent candidate. I stood for Biblical principles and publicly opposed abortion and homosexuality. I was not elected but I certainly made my presence felt. If you google my name and my Manifesto, you will be encouraged, and if you click on this link, you will see me publicly oppose homosexuality at a pre-election debate in Omagh,

Sarah in Ireland said...

Hi Susan-Anne, thanks for "visiting". It is always nice to hear from ladies/families within our little island! Yes, we do like to listen to FWBC sermons also, and have listened for about 5 years. We also enjoy this preaching from Charity Fellowship, which you may find useful:

We have attended a couple of different churches over the past few years, and for a time, we met at home with other believers, but now we are again attending church with a somewhat local body of believers. I understand that Ireland is, spiritually, a very dark place, but I would encourage you not to give up in searching for a church home! There *will* be a place somewhere where you can attend, though it will in no way be perfect for sure and may be a longer drive than you would like! :)

I will try and email you at the email address you provided. Thanks again for saying "hi". :)

Also, I'm not sure if you know this already, but there is a Facebook group for FWBC listeners:

Nikki said...

What sweet pictures you got. Our little girls are often found wearing babies too! Guess it is what most little girls look forward to. :) I played with baby dolls for a very long time.

Nikki said...

I've sent you a couple invites, if you don't get it you might want to check your spam.