Thursday, December 10, 2015

"Shiver My Sides" ~ Dylans 8th Birthday!

This year, for Dylan's birthday, we decided to do a "Treasure Island" theme.  It was f.u.n!  I had a blast decorating for it.  I re-used the jungle vines, leaves and snake, that I had packed away after Meg's "Jungle" birthday last year.  Amy found the treasure chest in a charity shop, several months ago, and bought it ahead of time. "Bony" (our skull friend) was gotten very cheaply from an aquarium supplier on Amazon.

"Bony" Was Quite The Celebrity!

Dylan was excited to be *EIGHT* years old!!!  Unfortunately, the day before, he has come down with a vomiting bug, and so he wasn't as active and lively as usual.  However, all the kids managed to eat good big bowls of Coco Pops, which the birthday boy had specially requested for his birthday breakfast.  The kids don't normally get any type of sugary, pre-packaged breakfast, so this was a big "treat" for them all!

Penny Saying "Good Morning!" To Amy

Dylan Was SOOO Happy With These Push-Along Tractors
 He Was Given By A Church Friend

Blurry, But She Was Too Cute To Pass Up!

I Wonder What It Is?


Meg Decided That She *Couldn't* Smile For The Picture

We *LOVE* Dutch Blitz!

Abigail Wanted Me To Take A Picture Of Her Dodie

...It Drove The Dogs Crazy!

Abigail REALLY Loved It Too!

Amy's Gift To Dylan, Was This Beautifully
Illustrated Version Of "Treasure Island"

After breakfast, and everyone got ready for the day, my parents came over for a visit and to share gifts with Dylan.  Dylan was super stoked with the woodburning pen and book!  Though Daddy said he needed to wait until Abigail was in bed, before he tested it out.  We didn't want any accidents with it! 

Nanny And Grandad Came Over To Visit

My Dad

My Parents Kindly Gave Dylan A Book 
About Woodburning, And A Woodburning Pen

When Nanny and Grandad went home, we looked forward to several friends visiting, as they passed through our town.  Dylan had a lovely time playing with his friends and testing out the new Playmobil.  After visiting for a while, we all sat down to lunch, which was Spaghetti Bolognese and a green salad, as per Dylan's request. :) 

Abigail Wanted To Put Her Coat On All By Herself...

"Does My Hand Go In Here?"

"Oh Dear, This Isn't Going Well At All"


Building The Playmobil

After lunch was eaten and Abigail went down for her nap, Dylan got out the wood-burning pen.  He was SO EXCITED to use it!!!  It was easy to use and Dylan had a lot of fun using the different tips and seeing what effects he could create on the wood blanks.  My brother had given him solid oak blanks, to use with his pen, but he wanted to save them for special use (though he has since given one decorated one away, as a gift). 

Dylan LOVES Woodburning!  He Has Made A Few Things, 
And Is Learning About The Different Tips And Techniques

"Death by Chocolate" Was The Requested Birthday Cake

A Sample Of Dylan's Woodburning

After everyone had, had a turn with the wood-burning pen, we packed it away and did some chores and fun things, before we started on dinner.  For his birthday dinner, Dylan had requested Indian foods and snacks, so we had:
Curried Chicken Pieces
Coconut Rice
Onion Bhajis
Assorted Samosas

For several months, Dylan had been asking to have "Death by Chocolate" for his birthday cake.  I finally relented!  I am still shocked as to exactly how much chocolate went into this cake!!!  To be perfectly honest, even the kids had a hard time eating it.  It was just so r.i.c.h.  I think we'll be making our usual birthday cake from now on. 

Waiting For Dinner...


"Happy Birthday To You..."
This Part Of Birthdays Makes Me Tear Up!  So Bittersweet!

Blow Harder, Dilly!

Happy 8th Birthday Dylan!
We Are So Thankful That GOD Gave Us *You*!!!