Monday, February 29, 2016

*This Girl* and Other Pictures

This Girl!


One Day, We May Have A Daughter Who Is The Shy, Retiring Type,
But Until Then...

This Girl Is LOTS Of Fun!

This Girl Is Kinda Cheeky!

Also, In Our Day - We Made Some Sourdough

Dylan Took A Math Test

School Time

I LOVE These "Skeleton" Leaves

This Girl LOVES Her Babies!

I LOVE *This Girl*!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

We Had An "Arctic Blast" At Meg's 5th Birthday!

Wow!  Has it really been almost two MONTHS since Meg's birthday?  In my defence, I have had the pictures for this post uploaded for quite a while...but never seemed to get around to writing about it.  Anyway, I will now attempt to search my befuddled brain for those details that us mamas are apt to forget...

This year, in celebration of Meg's *FIFTH* birthday, we chose to surprise her with an "arctic" themed day.  Meg was delighted!  We didn't really have to buy many decorations, as we always use what we have in the "birthday box" (from other birthdays), plus in-use toys/ornaments that we already have.  The few we did buy, we got at good prices, as most stores were selling all of their Christmas decorations at heavily reduced prices....just in time for Meg's birthday!  :)

The only decoration items that were/are costly are the Schleich figures!  Wowza!  However, we only buy them on birthdays, to match the theme, and they are packed away soon thereafter.  The reason for this is, we want to use them for birthday decorations for many years to come, and if they were in everyday use, they would get damaged (some of the horses are already missing an ear!).  I do allow them to come out every once in a while for play, and the kids LOVE them while they have 'em.   

As you might already know, as a birthday tradition here, we let the birthday child pick out most of his/her meals for the day.  Meg had talked for MONTHS about getting this particular cereal for her birthday, and it had to be the supermarkets own brand, that had the crocodile on the front! 

An Early Morning Crew

Cute Baby Penguins!

The Long-Awaited Breakfast Cereal!

Gifts From Mama & Daddy
Brother & Sisters

First thing in the morning, the kiddos all come in to our bedroom for snuggles, chatting and to wait for everyone else to wake.  Once everyone is ready, we all head downstairs for the birthday fun to begin!  Meg had been a very excited girl on the lead up to her birthday, and on the day itself, she was smiling from ear-to-ear!

"Toby" (A Stuffed Dog) Was Well-Loved
From The Moment She Received Him

This Picture Is Totally "Meg"

Meg Was Kind And Shared Her Gifts With Her Siblings

She Even Parted With Toby For A Few Minutes

A Wet Puppy Snoozing As She Dries Off On The Armchair!

Stickers From A Sweet Aunt
Meg Uses Stickers A LOT!

Abigail Enjoyed The Birthday Breakfast Too

Meg wanted To Paint After Breakfast, But Offered Dylan To Open,
and Play With, The Playdoh...She Then Ended Up Doing Both!

Nanny & Granddad Came

A Irish Winters Day - W.E.T!!!

For Lunch Meg Requested:

Hot Dogs With *all* The Trimmings!!!


For Meg's Birthday Dinner We Ate:

Healthy, Home-made Pot-Noodles

(recipe coming one of these days!)


And Instead Of A Cake We Enjoyed An Ice-Cream Party!

Double Chocolate
Mint Chocolate
Salted Caramel
Orange Chocolate Sauce
(for those who still needed an extra load of sugar!)

Nanny Had Fun...
I Think It Was All The Sugar!!!

Abigail Checking To See If Granddad Has Any More To Share

I Love Having Our Family Close By!

This Pictures Completely Captures Our Sweet Girl
And Her Crazy-Daisy Personality!

Happy Birthday Megan Faith
On Your Fifth Birthday ~
We L♥VE YOU!!!