Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Celebrating Ten Years!

Just recently, my husband and I celebrated our TEN year wedding anniversary!  In some ways it feels as though we have only been married for a short time, and in other ways, like when we consider *all* the things that have happened those ten years, it feels like a long time. :)

To celebrate, we went out for dinner and enjoyed an over-night hotel stay.  My mum stayed with the kiddos at home and both she and Amy held down the fort in our absence. 

The plan was for us to leave the house around 4:30pm so we could spend a little time with Abigail after she woke from her afternoon nap...but my husband had some last minute farming that needed doing, so we didn't end up leaving until sometimes after 5:00pm.

We had a nice drive into the city, which take about 25 minutes, and check into our hotel. :)  What a beautiful room we were able to enjoy!  So comfortable and cosy!  We had time to have a coffee and relax, before getting freshened-up and changed, ready for dinner.

The restaurant was just around the corner from the hotel, so we were there in just a few minutes...and in out of the cold!  My parents had recommended La Boheme to us a while back, after they had been with my       brother and his fiancee, to celebrate their engagement. We were not disappointed, we had an amazing meal and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly! 

After deliberating over the menu for some time, my husband decided that he wanted to try the surprise *seven* course tasting menu.  When the first course or two came out, they were a little on the small side, and I was concerned that my newly pregnant self would still be hungry after all seven courses were eaten!  Not to worry, they got bigger and by the sixth course I was stuffed!  Though, I took-one-for-the-team and still managed to get through the dessert.

As our order was taken, our server did ask if we had any dislike or allergies, to which we replied, none.  However, we were not expecting one of our courses to be a sorbet swimming in a little pool of vodka!  I am sure we appeared to be very uncultured, to take our nicely presented sorbet out of the fancy glass dish and eat it off the plate...once all the vodka had been scraped off. Haha!

It took us about three hours, and two big bottles of sparkling water, before we were able to leisurely make our way through all of the courses.  We topped off with a hot drink; tea for me and a coffee for Brian.  He later regretted that coffee!

The proprietor was so sweet and kindly emailed us a print out of our menu, so we could share what we ate with the kids...and you too, I guess. :)  Out of all the dishes, I preferred the goats cheese roll, the foie gras terrine and the black sole.  I normally don't care too much for fish, being very much a beef sort of gal, but this was amazing!  My husband thought so too, and he also liked the fois gras. 

After leaving the restaurant, Brian thought it would be fun to go for a walk.  We managed this for about 15 minutes, until I pleaded to be taken in out of the cold!  Brrrr!  Once back in the hotel, we warmed up quickly and collapsed onto the bed, feeling like a pair of gluttons.  We chatted on and off and dozed off several times, before turning in for the night.

The next morning, we woke early, dressed, pack our few things and headed down for a delicious breakfast.  The hotel laid on a vast array of cold breakfast selections, plus we could order from the hot menu too - we did both.  Hey, celebrating your 10th anniversary is a once in a lifetime event!  We both ordered "Blaa Eggs Benedict", which was the hotel speciality.  It is regular eggs benedict set a top a toasted blaa.  I looked up "blaa" on Wikipedia, for those who are curious.  Having this time together, even for breakfast, was a treat!  We were able to talk *uninterrupted* for whole minutes at a time!!!  

So, we had a wonderful time celebrating our anniversary and spending some time alone together...but we drove home to see our kiddos pretty quickly after that! ;)

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Nikki said...

Happy Anniversary! :) We celebrate TWENTY years this year. It seems the years go so fast. It sounds like you had a lovely getaway. Although getting home always feels even better. :)

Anonymous said...

So, how does Any fit in to this equation?