Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Poochie Lip Disease

This girl and her poochie lips!  Abigail is a *hoot* and she knows it!  Of course, with big sister "Meg-a-trouble" to learn from, that is not surprising! 

Apparently, my husband was known for sulking and pouting as child, so perhaps she gets it from him too, who knows?  Haha!  Today at the lunch table, Abigail was sad because she wanted to let the dogs in from outside, and Amy came in and brought the dogs with her instead. 

As the pouting began, the other kids began to laugh and say "she is like King Ahab in the poochie lip song!".  I grabbed the camera and our entertaining young lady performed and begged to see the pictures of herself.

These Kiddos Are Such A Blessing!

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Nikki said...

She is ABSOLUTELY adorable!!! :)