Tuesday, March 22, 2016

This Little Piggy...

Everyone Say "Piggies"!!!

Last week, our family brought home a trio of piglets!  We were all in total piggy love, they are adorable, especially the black one.  The daily care and feeding of the pigs is being undertaken by Dylan, who is thrilled about his new chore, and loves to spend quite a bit of his spare time sitting with them in the pen and talking/petting them. He tells me that he must get them used to him whilst they are still small.  Which sounds like a good idea to me.  

This Black Piggy Is Everyones Favourite!

Penny Was Very Excited And Was Whining To Be Picked Up

Pig Snouts Are Sooo Funny!

"Please Let Us Up Too!"

Scruffy Managed To Jump Into The Truck
Trying To Find A Way Through To The Pigs

What Fun Memories!

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Nikki said...

Pigs are so much fun. :) Though ours are so HUGE now they are not quite as cute. Nothing goes to waste here.