Friday, May 27, 2016

Penny's Unexpected Delivery

Moments After Birth, And Puppy Was Mostly Clean

Just the other day, we noticed that Penny was acting strangely.  Quaking and whining much more than normal.  I asked Amy to check our veterinary book (which we should have already done!), just to check if I was correct in the average gestation, that I *thought* I remembered.

Whoops, I had not remembered correctly and Penny's due time was RIGHT THEN, rather than a month later!

Attentive Mama

Amy and I quickly worked to get a quiet, comfortable place ready for Penny.  In the end, she didn't care for our nest and was more comfortable on the couch, on a blanket and having one of us with her at all times.  Penny is a timid dog anyway and this strange experience was making her rather anxious.  So we took it in turns to stay with her; Amy fulfilling most of that role. 

When Amy came out to eat her dinner, I thought I heard Penny moving around in the sitting room, so went to investigate and sure enough, she came running out of the room.  I brought her back in and sat with her, but by this time she was contracting.  Eeek! 

She gave a few pushes, and within minutes I could see a puppy, still in his membranes, coming out back-side first.  Amy arrived at this exciting stage.  Another push brought puppy out, up to his neck.  Penny stopped pushing at this stage, which was a little worrying.  I tried stimulating her and with the next little push the puppy came out!!!

Taken Today - Almost Two Days Old!

How excited we were!!!  I opened the membranes around his nose and mouth, and presented him to Penny, who took care of business, and cleaned up the whole area and puppy very well.  She was a champ!

We waited for quite a while to see if there would be any more puppies, before moving her into a cosy, clean nest with her baby.  There were no more puppies, which is probably just as well for Penny! 

All the kiddos are delighted with the new arrival and Amy decided to call him Ralph, for the duration of the time he is with us.  Ralph is SUPER sweet!!! ♥

Penny is completely fine with anyone else approaching her and the pup, but she keeps a close eye on the puppy's papa Scruffy, and gives him his marching orders if he gets too close.


*Cheep-Cheep* ~ Abigail's 2nd Birthday

Early in April, we celebrated Abigail's SECOND birthday!  *sigh*  Where does the time go?  Her birthday this year, was on a Sunday, so we did gifts and cards before we left for church and had lunch, cake and a visit with Nanny, Grandad and Uncle Tom, after we had gotten home again and Abigail had enjoyed a little nap.  Little people are just a tad more able to enjoy birthday surprises after a snooze.  :)

The Other Kids And I, Decided That A "Bird" Birthday Would Be Fun

Meg Kindly Painted The Birdhouse

If I Remember Correctly, Dylan Helped Pick Out
 This Breakfast For Abigail


Excited Sister!

On birthdays, we usually open gifts and cards before eating, 
but as it was important we be ready to leave *on time*, 
we thought it best to eat first.  

I Love The Excitement On Their Faces!

Looks Like A Tasty Ice Cream

Such A Blessing That They Have Siblings To Play With,
And Share Special Memories With

I Just Adore This Photo Of The Littlest Sisters

I Remember A Time When This Lady Wouldn't Smile For Pictures.
Such A Cheerful And Willing Girl Now!

(we had to leave for church & nap-time when we got home)

Grandad Relaxing with Tea

Opening Gifts With Nanny

One Of Abigail's FAVOURITE Foods!

My Dad and Baby Bro


Cake Time!

Happy 2nd Birthday Abigail Joy!!!