Sunday, May 1, 2016

Amy's Trip To The Saltee Islands

Can You Spot The Many Birds?

On Saturday, Amy visited the Saltee Islands, with the rest of the church's youth.  She had an *amazing* time and didn't mind for me to share the pictures she took.  She said the weather, whilst they were on Great Saltee, was beautiful and sunny, therefore she is looking a little "rosier" than usual today!  We hope you enjoy the pictures of fantastic scenery, amazing wildlife and happy friends!

Sweetest Young Ladies Ever!

 He Sees You!


sarah in the woods said...

What a treat! Looks like an amazing place!

Susan-Anne White said...

Do you attend a Mennonite Church? I ask because the girls in the photos are dressed as Mennonite girls dress. They are admirable in their modest attire. I know that you, as a family, listen to the preaching of Pastor Steven Anderson and he is an Independent Baptist and not a Mennonite so I'm somewhat confused as to the Mennonite connection. We are Evangelical Christians living in Northern Ireland (I have commented on your blog in times past) and we see much to commend in both the Amish Mennonites and Faithful Word Baptist Church but we also disagree with both on some doctrinal matters. So may we ask the following question, "Are you associated with both a Mennonite church and Faithful Word Baptist Church?

Sarah in Ireland said...

Sarah in the Woods ~ Amy really loved being able to go on the trip and said the scenery was *amazing*! :)

Sarah in Ireland said...

Susan-Anne White ~ Thanks for your comment. Haha, I can totally understand the confusion! To answer your question in short:

Yes, we attend a Mennonite church. *Though offically it is a "Christian" church, not strictly reserved for Mennonites. ;)

Yes, we also listen to FWBC preaching online, but are not officially associated with them.

We came to attend our Mennonite church, when we were looking for a church-home last year. We first attended their annual Family Conference, following an invitation. We have attended ever since and are happy there. I can honestly tell you I *never* thought I'd be happy in a church like it...but we are. :) Our kids love it too!

In the last year, we have come to realise that it is more important to be in a good church, were you can agree with *most* of the doctrine, than to stay at home trying to find the ideal "unicorn" church. We have come to find that *all* true Christian denominations have problems with various issues; often very similar ones. At one point, we felt as though we were being very critical in our quest for doctrinal purity, and ended up isolated and critical. It was a poor place to be, spiritually. We were welcomed open-armed by the Mennonite church, have benefit tremendously from good preaching and the loving fellowship that was extended to our family.

I hope this helps clear up any confusion. :)