Friday, May 27, 2016

*Cheep-Cheep* ~ Abigail's 2nd Birthday

Early in April, we celebrated Abigail's SECOND birthday!  *sigh*  Where does the time go?  Her birthday this year, was on a Sunday, so we did gifts and cards before we left for church and had lunch, cake and a visit with Nanny, Grandad and Uncle Tom, after we had gotten home again and Abigail had enjoyed a little nap.  Little people are just a tad more able to enjoy birthday surprises after a snooze.  :)

The Other Kids And I, Decided That A "Bird" Birthday Would Be Fun

Meg Kindly Painted The Birdhouse

If I Remember Correctly, Dylan Helped Pick Out
 This Breakfast For Abigail


Excited Sister!

On birthdays, we usually open gifts and cards before eating, 
but as it was important we be ready to leave *on time*, 
we thought it best to eat first.  

I Love The Excitement On Their Faces!

Looks Like A Tasty Ice Cream

Such A Blessing That They Have Siblings To Play With,
And Share Special Memories With

I Just Adore This Photo Of The Littlest Sisters

I Remember A Time When This Lady Wouldn't Smile For Pictures.
Such A Cheerful And Willing Girl Now!

(we had to leave for church & nap-time when we got home)

Grandad Relaxing with Tea

Opening Gifts With Nanny

One Of Abigail's FAVOURITE Foods!

My Dad and Baby Bro


Cake Time!

Happy 2nd Birthday Abigail Joy!!!


Gail Crooks said...

Beautiful photos x

Nikki said...

Happy Birthday Abigail. It looks like such a special day of celebration with your family. I loved your sweet birthday dress and Meg's matching skirt.