Friday, May 27, 2016

Penny's Unexpected Delivery

Moments After Birth, And Puppy Was Mostly Clean

Just the other day, we noticed that Penny was acting strangely.  Quaking and whining much more than normal.  I asked Amy to check our veterinary book (which we should have already done!), just to check if I was correct in the average gestation, that I *thought* I remembered.

Whoops, I had not remembered correctly and Penny's due time was RIGHT THEN, rather than a month later!

Attentive Mama

Amy and I quickly worked to get a quiet, comfortable place ready for Penny.  In the end, she didn't care for our nest and was more comfortable on the couch, on a blanket and having one of us with her at all times.  Penny is a timid dog anyway and this strange experience was making her rather anxious.  So we took it in turns to stay with her; Amy fulfilling most of that role. 

When Amy came out to eat her dinner, I thought I heard Penny moving around in the sitting room, so went to investigate and sure enough, she came running out of the room.  I brought her back in and sat with her, but by this time she was contracting.  Eeek! 

She gave a few pushes, and within minutes I could see a puppy, still in his membranes, coming out back-side first.  Amy arrived at this exciting stage.  Another push brought puppy out, up to his neck.  Penny stopped pushing at this stage, which was a little worrying.  I tried stimulating her and with the next little push the puppy came out!!!

Taken Today - Almost Two Days Old!

How excited we were!!!  I opened the membranes around his nose and mouth, and presented him to Penny, who took care of business, and cleaned up the whole area and puppy very well.  She was a champ!

We waited for quite a while to see if there would be any more puppies, before moving her into a cosy, clean nest with her baby.  There were no more puppies, which is probably just as well for Penny! 

All the kiddos are delighted with the new arrival and Amy decided to call him Ralph, for the duration of the time he is with us.  Ralph is SUPER sweet!!! ♥

Penny is completely fine with anyone else approaching her and the pup, but she keeps a close eye on the puppy's papa Scruffy, and gives him his marching orders if he gets too close.



Diana said...

What a beautiful puppy!!

Nikki said...

How sweet and exciting!:)

Susan-Anne White said...

I left a comment (containing questions)on Mrs.Anderson's blog called "Are they all yours" and so far, my comment has not been published, so my questions have gone unanswered just as on previous occasions. I know that you attend a Mennonite church and that you listen to Pastor Anderson's sermons also (because you told me in your recent response to my earlier comment/question.) However you do seem to know the Andersons rather well and the gift for their new baby from someone in the Republic of Ireland probably came from you. Therefore Mrs.Anderson is more likely to answer questions from you than from me so will you please ask her the following questions? Is it right for a Christian woman to share graphic stories of giving birth over the Internet (or anywhere else for that matter.) I think it is wrong to do so. Also I am concerned about the midwives who cared for Mrs.Anderson because they look like feminists (one has very short hair) and one has a tattoo and none of them are dressed like ladies. Pastor Anderson has spoken against tattoos and immodesty so I'm confused. Mrs.Anderson is also photographed (during her labour etc) with too much flesh on show. Again I say, this is not right. It seems that only comments that agree with the Andersons will be published and that cannot be right. Some time ago, I asked Mrs.Anderson why her husband was wearing a "Free Palestine" t-shirt and I am still waiting for an answer. How do you reconcile your association with Mennonites and Faithful Word Baptist church? I do agree with some of Pastor Anderson's views but there are times when he is mocking and verging on blasphemous and he does not believe that repentance is required before conversion. It most certainly is required and I'm sure the Mennonites would agree with me. Thank you in anticipation of your response. By the way I am 57 years old, married to a farmer and we have a 17 year old daughter.

Sarah in Ireland said...

Hi Susan-Anne,

I am sorry that you are feeling irked by the non-response of your comments on Mrs. Anderson's blog. I decline your request for me to contact her on your behalf, simply because it is none of my business.

I do know that Mrs. Anderson is a very busy lady and does not have time to answer all the questions that people write in. She does, however, post a Q&A post/video from time-to-time, in which she attempts to answer as many of the questions she receives, as she can in that way.

I can try though, if I may, to address some of the things you brought up in your comment above:

Firstly, is it any of our business what other ladies share online, or otherwise, about their birthing experiences? It is completely up to said lady and her husband, to share whatever they please. If I don't agree with what they share, I can privately disagree and move on with my life. It would be simply non of my business, they are answerable to God, not every concerned person on the internet.

Also, we have no indication that said midwives are professing Christians, so why would we expect them to dress as such? If indeed, they are feminists, why should that stop us from contracting their services to assist with a birth? The Bible doesn't indicate anywhere that we should only employ or receive goods/services from Christians only. I certainly don't quiz my chiropractor on her religious beliefs and/or why she has such short hair and painted fingernails! I can however offer to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with her; the state of her soul is much more important than how she dresses.

Lastly, when dealing with people via the internet, we need to realise that not everyone shares our opinions or even wants to hear them. We are not entitled to have answers to questions that are non of our business. We are also entitled to choose NOT to read that post, listen to that sermon, look at that picture...etc.

Everything we agree with, or disagree with, needs to be fact-checked with Scripture! Are bare shoulders considered "nakedness" according to the Bible? Are we to only receive service/goods from Christians only? Are people with tattoos not allowed in our homes? If we are disgruntled with something, simply because *we* deem it to be "not right", then I would suggest that we would be guilty of usurping God's standard, and trying to hold others to our own standard.

Even if a fellow Christian was 100% guilty of violating God's standards, it is not always our place to point that out. Particularly, if we do not know that person personally. That would be the responsibility of born-again family members, friends and/or church members - to speak the truth in love, with Scripture, with the purpose of restoring that person into the will of God.

Beth said...

If you read Pastor Anderson's blog, you will see why he was wearing a Free Palestine shirt. It's a sin to judge...I don't think God cares how we wear our hair, but if it bothers you, just imagine that that precious sister had cancer and lost her hair. Does that make it better? Sarah, your blog is lovely and you have a new reader!

Loren said... said that quite eloquently.


Susan-Anne White said...

Beth, if the lady in question had cancer and lost her hair, and it was short because it was growing back, then she deserves our compassion. However, that would not explain her clothing which is not ladylike. You did not address the tattoo issue. Stephen Anderson has preached against tattoos but he seems to make an exception when the tattooed immodest feminists are midwives to his wife. The Anderson's are anti-Jew so it is no surprise to see the Pastor wearing a t-shirt supporting the murderous Palestinians. He preached a sermon recently about animal rights and, during the sermon, he showed his utter disregard for animals and he tried to make Scripture agree with him. He also told a horrific story about the slaughter of a pig by his father-in-law in Hungary and he and his congregation laughed about the torture of the animal. I was horrified as I listened (online) to such wickedness in the pulpit. Also, in light of the terrible massacre in Orlando, Pastor Anderson (and his wife on her blog)are rejoicing at the loss of life because the victims were homosexuals. They did not condemn the wicked, evil Muslim who murdered them. Murder is a dreadful crime but the Andersons did not condemn the gunman. They obviously believe that the gunman did society a favour by killing homosexuals. I condemn the murder of anyone, including homosexuals, and I think that the actions of the Muslim murderer were wicked and devilish in the extreme. I am opposed to homosexuality and I believe that homosexuality should be illegal and I said so when I stood for election in Northern Ireland on three recent occasions (google my election manifesto,) but I still have compassion for those who are recruited into that lifestyle and are trapped in it. The Andersons are callous and incapable of compassion and they are also doctrinally unsound in some areas, for example, they do not believe that one has to repent before conversion. Repentance is essential and the Andersons are totally wrong. Beware of them.

Loren said...

Susan-Anne. I may suggest that you simply stop reading Zsu's blog. There are multiple explanations for the tattoos. She may very well be a Christian who got them before she found her way. She may be a Christian who simply has tattoos. I have multiple Christian friends with tattoos. I do not look down on them. I simply accept them as they are. As God has directed me to.

As far as the "lack of" ladylike clothing. All of her bits and pieces are covered. You should move on. I highly doubt God is judging us on our fashion (or lack thereof)

I disagree with Zsu on many things but attacking her on another person's blog about things that really aren't going make a difference in your life either way (clothing, tattoos etc) is a bit silly.

If her blog makes you that angry, simply stop reading it.

Sarah can be friends with whomever she chooses. She accepts people as they are. As God has directed her to. She knows (as I do) that the only person that can (and should) judge IS God.

Susan-Anne White said...

What utter nonsense! God is very judgemental and it is right for Bible-believers to use discernment and judge between right and wrong. When a Pastor speaks out against a certain thing and then seems to tolerate that very thing, I have the right and the duty to ask for an explanation. Pastor Anderson judges people and churches frequently and so does Mrs.Anderson, who calls those who disagree with her "haters." See her recent post about new baby Chloe placed in her cot on her tummy. Mrs.Anderson called those who disagree with her doing this "haters. Pastor Anderson recently made fun of animal cruelty (in his sermon on animal rights) which was a wicked thing to do. He opposes abortion (and I do also)but he makes fun of the suffering of a dying pig. It has been said that those who are cruel to animals may eventually be cruel to human beings. Hearts Desire blog does promote the teachings of Steven Anderson so why they attend a Mennonite church is beyond me because there is no way that Pastor Dan Yoder would ever refer to homosexuals as "faggots" and "freaks." I do not agree with all that the Amish/Mennonites believe and practice, although I admire them greatly, but I certainly don't agree with everything Steven Anderson says and does. I oppose homosexuality and have called for it to be illegal and I describe those trapped in that wicked lifestyle as homosexuals or sodomites. It is not right to describe such people in the way that Steven Anderson does.

Sarah in Ireland said...

Susan-Anne ~ You may disagree with, and hold whatever opinions you choose, but I am no longer going to address your issues with the Andersons, nor our family choices and blog.

Mrs. Susan-Anne White said...

Mrs. O' Neill, I am much older (and wiser)than you. I wonder if Pastor Yoder knows that you promote and have an association with a Pastor who laughs at animal cruelty and calls homosexuals you know what?