Wednesday, September 28, 2016

He's Here!


James Justice O'Neill

 Born 24th September
At Home
Weighing 11lb 7oz!

We are both well and are resting as much as possible.
Drinking in all his baby sweetness!

Monday, September 19, 2016

A Quick Ralphie Update

Just a quick update on Ralph, for those who want to know.  Well, as you may remember, Ralph had been with our family, ever since Amy's Yorkshire Terrier gave birth to him a few months ago.  He was a super cute little guy and was full of fun puppy energy!  We did wait a little too long to list him for sale, but eventually at 12 weeks old, he was sold to a local family with a female Yorkie of their own!  So while we were all sad to see him go, we think he'll be very happy in his new home. 

 Precious Picture!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Late Pregnancy Pictures and an Update!

Okay, so these pictures were taken quite a few weeks ago!  I *think* I was about 34 weeks or so at that stage, but don't know for sure.  Though I think it IS safe to say that I am considerably larger now!  Ha!  Just in case I do not get a chance to do a more recent pregnancy update, I will do it now:

Baby O'Neill is due in just THREE days!  We had a false alarm last week, which had both the midwife and I concluding that we would see our little guy making his appearance before the weekend.  Considering that tomorrow is Saturday, that hardly seem likely now! 

I am now *finally* under the care of my home birth midwife team!!!  So we hope that by God's grace we won't have to see the inside of a hospital for the remainder of this pregnancy and delivery.  Though obviously, we will just have to wait and see about that.  Safety of both myself and baby is paramount, and so we wouldn't hesitate to transfer to hospital if necessary.

The kids are SUPER excited to meet their new brother, as are we!!!  Most mornings they pop their heads around the door, coming to check if he has been born through the night. ♥

Mama & Dylan ~ Plumbing Adventures!

Getting Ready To Start...

A couple of weeks ago, we noticed that our downstairs bathroom sink was leaking again.  Figuring that it was just a broken seal, I set about taking a look at it.  

 Oh Dear!

It was *not* a broken seal, but the drain had completely corroded!!!  As soon as we touched it with a tool, it snapped right off. :(  Our water is SUPER hard here, so perhaps that was the cause?  I just don't know.

 Taking Everything Apart
Penny Is Supervising

Anyways, after discussing it with my dad (who is super handy at this sort of thing *and* willing to share his knowledge), Dylan and I set about fixing the problem ourselves, as a sort of Mother/Son project.   It was a FUN, albeit somewhat challenging, learning activity! :)  I must add that watching some plumbing videos on YouTube were super helpful also, in knowing what part to take off next and how to go about installing the new drain. 


Getting The Corroded Drain Off, Once It Had Completely Snapped Was 
VERY Difficult, And Took A LONG Time!

We Drafted In Amy To Help And Finally Succeeded


Taking Out The Old Drain

Scraping Away The Old Silicone Before Cleaning

Explaining Plumbing Tape Application To Me :)

Boy, was I ever glad for this young man's help!!!  He taught me a fun rhyme that he knew to help me remember which way to tighten the wrench, found all sorts of useful tools for me to use and showed me how to correctly use plumbing tape and the silicone gun.  I honestly couldn't have managed this task without his help.  What a blessing he is!  The girls came in from time to time too, to take photographs, bring the labourers some tea and just watch and learn!

New Drain Installed And Siliconed Into Place

Much Better!

Our old drain was a pop-up type, operated by a rod in the back of the tap.  We didn't like this, as it often got jammed. So this time opted for a regular plug, which we slid onto the rod at the back.  A slightly unorthodox way to install it, but hey, we made it work! :)

All Finished!

We Had *FUN* Working On This project!
We Hope You Had Fun Following Us Along The Way.

A Good Ole Yarn - Latest Completed Project

This Doll Was My Last Completed Crocheted Item Of The Summer!

 She Was FUN To Make!

 The Sunday After This "Dolly Photoshoot",
She Went Was Given To Friends Of Ours.

"Beside the Seaside" ~ Amy's 17th Birthday

A Sandcastle Cake - Thanks Pinterest!

So, Amy's birthday was quite a while ago, and I am only just getting around to posting about it, but I figure any post is better late than never, right?  Most of all, because if I don't record it here, it's like it never happened and then I'll be in trouble when it comes to figuring out what I need to make up for our yearly photo book!

For this birthday, Meg was my helper and we had a fun time searching for theme ideas that we thought Amy would like.  After spending quite some time on Pinterest, we thought a "beach" theme would be GREAT!  *Note* Anyone who follows my boards on Pinterest is always likely to figure out upcoming birthday themes, due to the huge number of things I pin, before any given birthday!

Dylan Looks Especially Excited, As These Cute, Bambi 
Jammies Were His Gift To Amy

Lovely Gifts From A Sweet Auntie

This Gift Has Been Well Worn and Loved In The Many Weeks Since
Her Birthday!  It Is An Infinity Scarf Featuring Printed Text From 

A Continental Style Breakfast

Our Sweet Boy

On Each Birthday, Meg LOVES To Play With Any New Schleich Figures

I Love Watching Her Hands As She Plays!

Oh, What Is This That Daddy Is Driving Up The Driveway?

A Learn-To-Drive Car For The Birthday Girl!
Just For Learning On Our Own Property With Daddy or Grandad.
(Mama's Nerves Are *Not* Up To Teaching People To Drive!)

Amy Requested A Simple Sandwich Lunch
Which We All Enjoyed...Especially With Some Lemon Pellegrino Sodas!

We enjoyed the sandcastle cake, after our lunch, on account of Daddy needing to leave for work.  It was so gooooood!  The toasted coconut was delicious.  For the rest of the day, we relaxed, did the necessary chores and simply enjoyed being together!  

Happy 17th Birthday Amy!!!