Friday, September 16, 2016

"Beside the Seaside" ~ Amy's 17th Birthday

A Sandcastle Cake - Thanks Pinterest!

So, Amy's birthday was quite a while ago, and I am only just getting around to posting about it, but I figure any post is better late than never, right?  Most of all, because if I don't record it here, it's like it never happened and then I'll be in trouble when it comes to figuring out what I need to make up for our yearly photo book!

For this birthday, Meg was my helper and we had a fun time searching for theme ideas that we thought Amy would like.  After spending quite some time on Pinterest, we thought a "beach" theme would be GREAT!  *Note* Anyone who follows my boards on Pinterest is always likely to figure out upcoming birthday themes, due to the huge number of things I pin, before any given birthday!

Dylan Looks Especially Excited, As These Cute, Bambi 
Jammies Were His Gift To Amy

Lovely Gifts From A Sweet Auntie

This Gift Has Been Well Worn and Loved In The Many Weeks Since
Her Birthday!  It Is An Infinity Scarf Featuring Printed Text From 

A Continental Style Breakfast

Our Sweet Boy

On Each Birthday, Meg LOVES To Play With Any New Schleich Figures

I Love Watching Her Hands As She Plays!

Oh, What Is This That Daddy Is Driving Up The Driveway?

A Learn-To-Drive Car For The Birthday Girl!
Just For Learning On Our Own Property With Daddy or Grandad.
(Mama's Nerves Are *Not* Up To Teaching People To Drive!)

Amy Requested A Simple Sandwich Lunch
Which We All Enjoyed...Especially With Some Lemon Pellegrino Sodas!

We enjoyed the sandcastle cake, after our lunch, on account of Daddy needing to leave for work.  It was so gooooood!  The toasted coconut was delicious.  For the rest of the day, we relaxed, did the necessary chores and simply enjoyed being together!  

Happy 17th Birthday Amy!!!

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Nikki said...

Your birthday parties always look like so much fun. Happy belated birthday to Amy!