Saturday, September 3, 2016

Johnstown Castle with Nanny & Grandad

Yikes, I went through the whole month of August without an update!  To say that we have been busy, would be a huge understatement, though we have been *VERY* blessed in our busyness.  Better to be living the excitement and adventures than blogging about them!  Amy birthday post has been in draft for many weeks and so I hope to get that one posted before next week is out. :) 

I hope to get caught up with our news over the next little while, as we eagerly await the arrival our our precious bundle.  With slightly over two "official" weeks left, I will have to get my skates on.  Though, I am wondering often if our little man might bot decide to come a little earlier than expected? 

Here are some lovely photographs that I wanted to share, of a day trip that the three older kids enjoyed with Nanny and Grandad.  Amy took all of the pictures, and I just love them, especially the ones of my parents.  Anyways, we hope you enjoy the pictures!  

I Love This Picture!

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