Friday, September 16, 2016

Late Pregnancy Pictures and an Update!

Okay, so these pictures were taken quite a few weeks ago!  I *think* I was about 34 weeks or so at that stage, but don't know for sure.  Though I think it IS safe to say that I am considerably larger now!  Ha!  Just in case I do not get a chance to do a more recent pregnancy update, I will do it now:

Baby O'Neill is due in just THREE days!  We had a false alarm last week, which had both the midwife and I concluding that we would see our little guy making his appearance before the weekend.  Considering that tomorrow is Saturday, that hardly seem likely now! 

I am now *finally* under the care of my home birth midwife team!!!  So we hope that by God's grace we won't have to see the inside of a hospital for the remainder of this pregnancy and delivery.  Though obviously, we will just have to wait and see about that.  Safety of both myself and baby is paramount, and so we wouldn't hesitate to transfer to hospital if necessary.

The kids are SUPER excited to meet their new brother, as are we!!!  Most mornings they pop their heads around the door, coming to check if he has been born through the night. ♥

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Nikki said...

Oh Sarah! So excited for you. I have been thinking of you often. :) Can't wait to meet your little guy here on the blog.