Friday, September 16, 2016

Mama & Dylan ~ Plumbing Adventures!

Getting Ready To Start...

A couple of weeks ago, we noticed that our downstairs bathroom sink was leaking again.  Figuring that it was just a broken seal, I set about taking a look at it.  

 Oh Dear!

It was *not* a broken seal, but the drain had completely corroded!!!  As soon as we touched it with a tool, it snapped right off. :(  Our water is SUPER hard here, so perhaps that was the cause?  I just don't know.

 Taking Everything Apart
Penny Is Supervising

Anyways, after discussing it with my dad (who is super handy at this sort of thing *and* willing to share his knowledge), Dylan and I set about fixing the problem ourselves, as a sort of Mother/Son project.   It was a FUN, albeit somewhat challenging, learning activity! :)  I must add that watching some plumbing videos on YouTube were super helpful also, in knowing what part to take off next and how to go about installing the new drain. 


Getting The Corroded Drain Off, Once It Had Completely Snapped Was 
VERY Difficult, And Took A LONG Time!

We Drafted In Amy To Help And Finally Succeeded


Taking Out The Old Drain

Scraping Away The Old Silicone Before Cleaning

Explaining Plumbing Tape Application To Me :)

Boy, was I ever glad for this young man's help!!!  He taught me a fun rhyme that he knew to help me remember which way to tighten the wrench, found all sorts of useful tools for me to use and showed me how to correctly use plumbing tape and the silicone gun.  I honestly couldn't have managed this task without his help.  What a blessing he is!  The girls came in from time to time too, to take photographs, bring the labourers some tea and just watch and learn!

New Drain Installed And Siliconed Into Place

Much Better!

Our old drain was a pop-up type, operated by a rod in the back of the tap.  We didn't like this, as it often got jammed. So this time opted for a regular plug, which we slid onto the rod at the back.  A slightly unorthodox way to install it, but hey, we made it work! :)

All Finished!

We Had *FUN* Working On This project!
We Hope You Had Fun Following Us Along The Way.

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Nikki said...

Wow. You brave mama. I never would have dared attempt that. :) I am impressed.