Friday, January 20, 2017

A Walk...

I Love The Amy's Shadow In This Picture

While I am still catching up on posts (still one or two from Christmas time!), I thought I'd pop in with a recent one!  One day last week, we decided to wrap up warmly and take a walk in the beautiful sunshine!  The sky was so blue!  The weather here at the moment is still changeable; one minute crisp and sunny, the next dull and relatively warm.  Either way, our surroundings and scenery is still beautiful. :)

Collecting Pine Needles For Making Tea

Telling Me How Bear Grylls Climbs Trees,
With A Piece Of Rope Tied Around His Ankles

 This Photo Perfectly Captures Dylan!

He Is A Sweet, Adventure-Loving Boy, 
Who LOVES To Explain!


The Sunshine Was Beautiful And Warm,
Despite The Cold Temperatures

There Were So Many Birds

One Of My Favourite Trees

A Fancy Fungus Growing On A Bale Of Silage

 Pine Needle Tea

She Wanted To Read

Old Scruffer Enjoying A Rest After Our Walk

Meg Likes To Decorate With Leaves and Branches :)


That Day We Started Reading "A Hive Of Busy Bees"

A Friend Recommended This Book To Us

Pillow-loving, Pampered Penny

James SO Wanted To Play!

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