Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Christmas Goings On...

The Cast

Despite the fact that we were ill pretty much over the whole Christmas period, we still had plenty of fun!  Of course, because we couldn't go visiting and didn't think too much outdoor time was a good idea, we read a lot, broke out the DVD's, crafted, had fun decorating, toasting giant marshmallows indoors, made yummy treats, and the kids even acted out a nativity play! :)  We videoed it too.  We had many takes that would have made a side-splitting blooper reel!

Thanks for bearing with me, as I catch up on my posts.  Life is always so busy, and Blogger so slow, that posting is perpetually on the back-burner.  This is how it should be, but I do miss chronicling our goings on here.  So without further ado, here are some of our Christmas pictures...

"Mary" Sharing The Good News With "Joseph"

The Long Road To Bethlehem...

Amy Was The "Innkeeper"
James Was The Innkeeper's Baby!

Watching The Christmas Story On DVD

We Made Puffy Paint with Shaving Cream!

Super-Messy and SUPER-Glittery!


This Little Bat Was Sleeping In Our Heat Detector,
Then Flew Out And Gave Us Quite A Shock!

A Thoughtful Gift!

Christmas Dinner With *All* The Trimmings!
We Had Beef, As We Were *Supposed* To Eat With Our Church Family
But We Were Too Sick To Go And I Hadn't Any Turkey Prepared

We Made A Gingerbread House.
It Got Sneezed And Coughed On A LOT!
I Discreetly Disposed Of Most It After A While

The Little Kids Received A Joint Gift Of Several Sets Of Playmboil.
Though Most Of It Was Used, These Ones Were New.

New  Books...

My Parents Gave Meg This Cute Little Garden.
She Loves To Plant Seeds

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