Saturday, January 14, 2017


James LOVES Bathtime!
(picture from before Christmas)

Since birth, I have bathed him in the utility room sink.  Now that he it getting bigger, I have been bathing him more often in the regular bath, which he LOVES!  He kicks and splashes up a storm. 

When Abigail was a baby, I bought an Angelcare Infant Bath Support (from Amazon), it has been invaluable for bathing small babies who cannot yet sit unaided.  Of course, you must still be right beside Baby all the time, but you can have the use of both hands, so as to wash the hair of another young sibling who is sharing the bath.  Baby can also enjoy kicking and splashing, whilst Mama isn't breaking her back leaning over the bath and holding/bathing Baby the whole time. :)

I am enjoying catching up on posts, though it is a little slow going.  Blogger just takes an *AGE* to upload my photographs.  Progress is being made however and I should have another post or two out next week. 
Have a blessed day in the
house of the LORD tomorrow!

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