Monday, February 27, 2017

We LOVE To Read!

Sometimes Grandparents Are Accosted For
Story-time, The Second They Walk In!

We love to read! 

We love to read silently, out loud, individually and as a family!  Paper-bound, hardbacks, old books, new ones.  Books on Kindle and audio books!

Recently, we have gone through some "chopping and changing" in our approach to our home-schooling and have been reading even more than usual.  Aside from daily Bible reading, we also read some other story/stories, each day, as a family too.  Story-times are one of our most favourite times of the day! 

We Love Old Books!

Stories Sometimes Put Little People To Sleep!

Over the years, we have been blessed to have been able to buy, or have been given, many GREAT books.  At this stage, we actually do not have *any* bookcases, so most of the kids have a cardboard grocery box/boxes underneath their beds, where many poor books are kept.  More books are kept in unruly piles! 

Everyone LOVED Reading "Heidi"

Our local library is awesome!  It is not large, but is adequate for most of our needs, and we have the option of ordering in any specific books that we need, or would like.  We go about once per month, and the kids really look forward to going.  They also are usually allowed to have a hot chocolate there.  Several years ago, after a suggestion from an old friend, I was able to get an "educators" lending card from our library, which means that I can take out up to 30 books on my own individual card and the lending period is THREE MONTHS!

Beautifully Illustrated Books Are So Special!

Over the next month, we will be sharing several book 
lists that we hope will be helpful to those
 looking out for good recommendations.  I hope to also include several of our favourite audio books and readers. We have
 been very blessed by people sharing their favourites
 with us, and so, we hope to do the same for you. :)

Monday, February 20, 2017

Happy 6th Birthday, Meg!

On the very last day of December 2016, we celebrated Meg's 6th birthday!  She had been looking forward to her "six years old birthday" for a looooooooooooooooooong time and would talk of it often!

Meg is such a sweetie, she really is!  She loves to love people, draw pictures and make gifts to give others (even complete strangers!).  She adores painting, drawing, singing, birds, flowers, imagination games and cute things.  She says the sweetest things to her Daddy and I and loves to give hugs and kisses.  Meg literally makes friends wherever she goes!  When she was younger, she was probably our most challenging child; being very strong-willed and unyielding, but as she came into her fourth year, she just blossomed into a loving, giving, and eager to please lovey-dovey. ♥ 

This year, for her birthday, we went with a woodland/garden theme...

Meg Loved Her Birthday Cupcakes-
Hedgehogs and Toadstools

Happy Girl

Abigail Wanted It To Be Her Birthday Too

Happy Little Chap

A Gift From Amy

A Magnetic, Horse Dress-Up Game

Meg Has Never Had A Brand New Bike Before!

Daddy Picked One That Had A Bell

Nanny & Grandad Came To Visit

Meg Requested Character Pasta For Lunch :)

All Things Girly...Even Pink Lemonade

Cards From Sweet Friends And Family

A Kind Aunt Gave Meg These Framed Photographs

Meg Got Creative With Her Dinner

"Happy Birthday To You..."

Happy 6th Birthday Meg!