Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A Good Ole Yarn

This is a new dress that I made for Abigail
(original pattern bought from

Hi there!  In this post, I wanted to share a few pictures of some of my recent projects from this year; all save the crocheted lion, who was made last year.  He was just too cute not to post! Ha!

I still haven't gotten around to making my Etsy shop *live*.  Ugh, I honestly just find it confusing and I quickly get overwhelmed with it.  I do have a Facebook page dedicated to sharing posts and photos of my latest projects.  You can find me there at: 

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Do you like Green Eggs & Ham?

A pretty new skirt for Meg, with matching satin ribbon trim.

A Graduation Owl for Amy's friend
(original free pattern from Repeat Crafter Me)

Judah the Lion

Monday, May 29, 2017

Abigail is THREE!

Last month, Miss Abigail celebrated her THIRD birthday!  It seems hard to believe that this little woman has been part of our family for *only* three years.  Abigail has a huge personality and certainly brings a lot of life and joy to our family.  This year, Abigail requested a puppy-themed birthday, and being the kind Daddy that he is, my husband promised that Abigail should have a Paw Patrol birthday cake.   

Abigail & Daddy

James Is Getting So Big!

Daddy Thought The Chocolate "Dog Food"
Went Nicely With His Morning Coffee

Abigail Received Two Outfits For Her 18" Doll "Mary-Kate"
One Was From Us, The Other From Her Siblings

The little girls play "doggies and owners" and "vets" a LOT, so they both have enjoyed the dog kennel gift (pictured above).  The kennel is all wood, and came with two stuffed Schnauzers, a wooden comb, bone and bowl. 

A Kids Pair of Binoculars For Spotting Birds
These *Were* Great Quality,
But They were dropped Multiple Times In The Weeks Since
And One Lens Smashed. :(

Nanny & Grandad Came Over...

We Enjoyed HotDOGS For Lunch!

Big Brother Bringing The Cake...

Happy 3rd Birthday To Our Fun-Loving, Adventurous,
Sweet and Cuddly, Abigail Joy!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Top 15 Favourite Audiobooks & Narrators

KJV Bible ~ Dramtized (YouTube)

Treasure Island ~ Adrian Praetzellis (Librivox)

The Scarlet Pimpernel ~ Karen Savage (Librivox)

The Call of the Wild ~ Mark Smith (Librivox)

Kidnapped ~ Mark Smith (Librivox)

The Lord of the Rings ~ Rob Englis (YouTube)

Little House Series ~ Cherry Jones (CD)

Pride & Prejudice ~ Karen Savage (Librivox)

Tom Sawyer ~ John Greenman (Librivox)

What Katy Did ~ Lauren Lefkoe (CD)

Wind in the Willows ~ Adrian Praetzellis (Librivox)

A Little Princess ~ Karen Savage (Librivox)

Robin Hood *J Walker McSpadden* ~ Barry Eads (Librivox)

Sherlock Holmes ~ Mark Smith (Librivox)

The Secret Garden ~ Dramatized (Librivox)

Here is the first of my promised book lists!  Not quite within the time frame I had expected, neither is it an actual paper book list, but hey-ho, let's just be glad that I managed to post it at all!  As a family, we listen to audio books a lot!  We have bought some audio CDs in the past, but for the most part, we listen to audio books for FREE via Librivox!  

Amy has been able to copy some of our favourites onto discs for us, which is more convenient and preferable for us, than having the laptop out and loaded to the open internet.  If we do need to leave to internet open, I usually "purify" the video, so as not to have yucky ads and/or suggested videos pop up!

They are pleasant to listen to as you do chores that don't require much concentration or thinking.  I can remember which audio I listened to, as I re-painted/decorated each particular room in our home.  I remember specifically listening to Treasure Island for the first time, as I decorated for Dylan's 6th birthday.  The middle kids just recently listened to a good portion of Lord of the Rings, as they played with playdough, one cold afternoon.

I hope this list is helpful to you, and that you and your family enjoy some of our favourite audio books!