Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A Good Ole Yarn

This is a new dress that I made for Abigail
(original pattern bought from

Hi there!  In this post, I wanted to share a few pictures of some of my recent projects from this year; all save the crocheted lion, who was made last year.  He was just too cute not to post! Ha!

I still haven't gotten around to making my Etsy shop *live*.  Ugh, I honestly just find it confusing and I quickly get overwhelmed with it.  I do have a Facebook page dedicated to sharing posts and photos of my latest projects.  You can find me there at: 

Come on over, and be sure to *like* and *share*


Do you like Green Eggs & Ham?

A pretty new skirt for Meg, with matching satin ribbon trim.

A Graduation Owl for Amy's friend
(original free pattern from Repeat Crafter Me)

Judah the Lion

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