Monday, May 29, 2017

Abigail is THREE!

Last month, Miss Abigail celebrated her THIRD birthday!  It seems hard to believe that this little woman has been part of our family for *only* three years.  Abigail has a huge personality and certainly brings a lot of life and joy to our family.  This year, Abigail requested a puppy-themed birthday, and being the kind Daddy that he is, my husband promised that Abigail should have a Paw Patrol birthday cake.   

Abigail & Daddy

James Is Getting So Big!

Daddy Thought The Chocolate "Dog Food"
Went Nicely With His Morning Coffee

Abigail Received Two Outfits For Her 18" Doll "Mary-Kate"
One Was From Us, The Other From Her Siblings

The little girls play "doggies and owners" and "vets" a LOT, so they both have enjoyed the dog kennel gift (pictured above).  The kennel is all wood, and came with two stuffed Schnauzers, a wooden comb, bone and bowl. 

A Kids Pair of Binoculars For Spotting Birds
These *Were* Great Quality,
But They were dropped Multiple Times In The Weeks Since
And One Lens Smashed. :(

Nanny & Grandad Came Over...

We Enjoyed HotDOGS For Lunch!

Big Brother Bringing The Cake...

Happy 3rd Birthday To Our Fun-Loving, Adventurous,
Sweet and Cuddly, Abigail Joy!

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